Two Common Questions About Criminal Cases

If you are like most people, you have very limited experience or knowledge about the legal system. While this is perfectly normal, it is something that may need to change quickly if you are charged with a crime. Luckily, there are defense attorneys you can hire that can help protect your rights. Yet, there may […]

3 Things To Find Out Before Purchasing A Restaurant

If you are considering buying an existing restaurant, there are a few things you’ll need to find out before putting in an offer.  While your commercial real estate attorney can help you make sense of the contract, doing your own “due diligence” investigations will help ensure that your new business venture is a successful one. […]

Your Quest For Legal Visitation With Your Stepchildren

During and after a divorce, child visitation rights for stepparents can be a complicated issue. If you’ve built a close, loving relationship with your stepchildren, you’re no doubt dismayed if your ex-spouse is now blocking you from seeing them. Relevant laws vary by state, but stepparents don’t have any intrinsic right to visitation. However, skilled […]

Personal Injury Cases: Debunking Common Myths

It is a sad fact of life that you can be injured due to another person’s negligence. Unfortunately, these accidents can leave you with extensive injuries that may require expensive medical care and create life lasting disabilities. Luckily, the legal system allows accident victims to file claims against the party responsible for the accident, but […]

Two Common Myths About DUI Charges

Facing a criminal conviction can be an emotionally devastating event for almost anyone to experience. In addition to the financial costs of mounting a defense, a conviction can be a permanent stain on a person’s background that may make it harder to find housing or pursue a career. Driving under the influence is an extremely […]

A Solitary Life—Is It Torture?

Racks, thumbscrews, iron maidens, heretics’ forks, dunking stools: the torture devices of yesteryear sound like an innovative line of kitchenware products. In a jiffy, these dreadful instruments could whip up a batch of the Grand Inquisitor’s favorite recipe: Grade-A Interrogation Drizzled with Molten Fear and Painful Penitence, sauteed in a Religious Reduction. Aren’t you relieved […]