Maintaining Harmony Among Heirs And Beneficiaries During The Probate Of An Estate

The division of assets following the demise of a relative or friend is a necessary final step in acceptance of the death. Each piece of inherited property can carry with it a special meaning. Unfortunately, survivors sometimes disagree on the details of the distribution. Anyone involved in the probate process can benefit from considering the […]

How Technology Has And Could Disrupt Court Reporting Services

As time progresses, every vertical in every industry is susceptible to becoming obsolete. As technology, social perception, and scientific understandings progress, new practices emerge while others fall by the wayside.  Court reporters, also known as stenographers, are also facing a paradigm shift. Autonomous speech to voice dictation is becoming increasingly popular, and will soon be […]

4 Types Of Child Custody

Child custody cases are not always cut and dry. At the end of the day, the family court has the final say when it comes to who has custody of your child. You and the other parent can ask that the court choose a certain type of custody. Here are the four types of custody […]