Planning To Seek Citizenship In The United States? Avoid These 4 Mistakes

If you already have a green card and are considering becoming a citizen of the United States, the benefits are endless. However, the process can seem confusing and it is easy to make mistakes during the process. Mistakes can cause delays, and that can cause problems in your day to day life. Here are some mistakes to avoid, so that you can earn your citizenship as soon as possible.

Waiting to File for Citizenship 

Many people don’t realize that the citizenship process in this country can take years. That’s why it’s so important to start the process as soon as you think you may want to live in this country. Waiting to get started only means that you delay the benefits you can have as a citizen.

Guessing on Documents

You may not think it’s a big deal if you don’t remember the year that your father was born, or if you don’t know the exact date you arrived in the United States. However, the immigration office is very serious about making sure that applicants are being truthful and will double-check all information you provide. Should they find discrepancies, your application will be delayed as they try to seek out the truth. Not only that, but in worst case scenarios, they may consider your application to be fraudulent and reject it. That is why it is important to be honest and exact when you fill out your immigration paperwork.

Not Knowing whether You Are Exempt

While the immigration process can be time-consuming and there are a lot of things you must do, you may actually be exempt from some requirements. For instance, some permanent residents are able to seek exemption from the English test if they are over a certain age. You can save yourself time and stress by knowing what parts of the immigration process you don’t have to do; you don’t have to prepare for the English test if you won’t be required to take one, or instance.

Not Studying for the Civics Test

Everyone who wants to be a citizenship in the United States must pass a civics test. This test asks questions about the government, and other reasonable questions an American should know. However, a lot of people assume the test will be easy. While it is a straightforward test, there are some questions that you will only know the answers to if you study for the test. Take the time to look at the list of questions that you may be asked, and study them so you can pass.

Now that you know some common immigration mistakes and how to avoid them, talk to an immigration lawyer like Lloyd E Bennett who understands the laws and can make the process even easier for you. Ultimately, you will be able to remain in this country as a citizen.

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