About Ashley Bushman

Hi! My name is Ashley, and boy, do I love waffles. I have always loved them, ever since I was little. My mom made Belgian waffles every Sunday morning. We started buying frozen waffles that I would eat every day for breakfast. I hated cereal. Waffles were all I would eat. It drove my mother crazy. Everyone knew of my love for waffles.

When I went off to college, I didn’t have my mother to make me waffles anymore, and I didn’t have the money to spend on frozen ones. Luckily, my mom knew this and knew that I was suffering waffle withdrawals. For Christmas that year she gave me a fancy Belgian waffle maker. You know, the kind they have in restaurants and cafeterias with the deep pits that you flip over. It has been my inanimate best friend throughout the years.

So now that I have my waffle maker, I make Belgian waffles all the time. I host waffle parties to share my love with others. I provide the waffles; they provide the toppings! Really, waffles are one of the great joys in life, and I think they’re under-appreciated. Check out my blog for all you could ever want to know about Belgian waffles and more about general food and cooking!